Twenty31 partners with tourism leaders to help them navigate the next 15 years, creating a unique competitive position and developing a strategic blueprint for their future.

Market Segmentation and
Marketing Strategy

Positioning and customer segmentation are the most critical levers tourism leaders have at their disposal to give them a unique competitive edge.  Before building an iconic brand, a marketing or sales strategy, our segmentation modelling helps you truly understand who your key customers are and importantly what makes them tick.



Brand Audits and
Destination Positioning

Truly iconic destinations are defined not only based on their physical attributes – natural scenery, accommodation, attractions, historical and cultural sites and infrastructure – but increasingly on the intangibles – the emotional connections, people and signature experiences that weave together into a unique narrative. We help to bring those connections to the forefront.


While there are cookie-cutter destinations, there are no cookie-cutter approaches to development. Each destination has its own unique culture, pressures and stakeholder concerns. Sometimes that culture is a resistance to change, sometimes it’s an embrace of change. Our approach is to understand the culture of organisations and evaluate their unique growth potential.

Signature Experiences

With travel consumers the world over increasingly seeking an authentic, culturally-immersed and experiential vacation, organisations need to discern products from experiences and good experiences from exceptional ones.
We work with the trade and marketing boards to develop and promote those key experiences that will epitomise their unique brand promise. 

Measuring Organisational

We work with management teams to first understand their key objectives. Then we determine how to align those objectives with three factors -  organising teams, prioritising goals and identifying KPIs to measure performance and ROI.  Most importantly, with a consistent and comparable set of performance measures, we help organisations make the case for tourism investment.

Sustainability Leadership

Expectations are rising for businesses to find ways to secure, replenish and restore natural and social capital wherever they operate. However, many informed observers have come to label the industry’s sustainability efforts as ‘green washing’. We work with leaders who genuinely want to effect progressive change in how they operate in society. Fundamentally, sustainability is about innovation and transformation.