Why Twenty31

tourism. defined.

Twenty31 defines change.  Few industries outside of entertainment and broadcast have been impacted more by disruption enabled through digital technologies. Tourism has learned to harness the power of the web, to leverage the online travel agency and communication channels afforded by social platforms and to embrace the opportunity of the low cost carrier model Well done! But the next two decades offer the dual challenges of unprecedented industry growth and opportunity with even greater disruption in marketing channels—think Airbnb, Uber and Big Data. All will have a profound impact on our industry.

Those who understand and then embrace disruption will be the winners but winning will take courage, leadership and risk. 

As an independent consultancy focused solely on defining the business of tourism, Twenty31 uniquely recognises the massive change and incredible opportunity on the horizon for organisations willing to take those calculated risks to achieve competitive advantage. 

  • A nimble partnership whose principals and partners have decades of experience positioning tourism brands for competitive advantage, Twenty31 has the expertise, proven track record, stellar reputation and commitment to your big or small tourism opportunity.
  • We are frequent keynote speakers on industry trends, expert commentators to media, strategic advisors to leadership teams and have collaborative associations with the best and brightest experts including, our strategic partner Skylight Intelligence, Ipsos Public AffairsNielsen Canada, Alphabet Creative, and Beattie Tartan to help your organisation thrive in the future.
  • We are active members of and strategic advisors to the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA).
  • We are strategic advisors to the Adventure Travel and Trade Association (ATTA).  
  • We are strategic advisors to one of Europe's leading innovation and disruption-focused, fully-integrated destination management firms, Axis Travel Marketing.
  • We understand the power of tourism to create wealth for regions and shareholders, but we also see tourism as a channel for global goodwill and understanding - a basic human right to learn and understand through first-hand experience.
  • We see around corners, adapt technology to the tourism industry and think through the challenges. 

We know that change is not for everyone, nor for the faint of heart but we help you take the calculated risks necessary to thrive in the competitive future of tourism.